Young Adult

This is the arm of the church that brings together a generation of zealous passionate young individuals working together to create a better community for one another.
Our periodical gathering, events and relevant teachings are designed purposely to help other young adults connect, pray together, reason together, share ideas and grow to be models of tremendous success, and most importantly grow together in love and knowledge of God. We also learn to respect our parents and others making us grow in our relationships at home and within the church.
We are optimistic that God is raising people who will influence not only this city, but ultimately the whole of United States.
We are building young adults, young Pastors, young entrepreneurs who are going to impact the business world in the nearest future. He is raising people amongst us who will show the essence of leadership, assume positions where they can influence policy making, and establish policies and laws
We are leaders of tomorrow, let’s connect and build a more glorious future.